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Top Tips on How to Backup Company Data?

Many of us have experienced a moment of pure panic when we thought we had lost something. It may be as simple as our reading glasses, or it may be something of greater importance like a credit card, or even a wallet.

As bad as those moments may be, consider for a moment what it would be like to lose important company data. Then think about the effect it would have on your business if it takes several hours to restore. How about several days?

How about a week?

Every company knows how important it is to have a backup of their data, but they don’t always understand the realities and limitations of the backups they have. In some cases, it may take a significant amount of time to restore lost data, and during that time, your business is going to suffer.

With the technology that we have available to us today, it can safely be said that a simple backup is just not enough.

The Limited Value of Traditional Backups

The longer it takes to restore your data, the greater the impact upon your business. Take a moment to consider how long you could function without access to your customer records, inventory, or transactions, if you even could function at all. And in the event that your data is lost to a natural disaster, how far back would you need to restore your data?

There are several options for backing up your data, from tape drives and external USB to cloud services like Dropbox and OneDrive. These are perhaps enough to record your data but using them will not provide you with the ability to swiftly recover from a hardware failure.

Being able to properly recover means being prepared for even the worst-case scenario, which might involve fire, flood, or other calamities, though obviously the most likely scenario would simply be that one or more pieces of hardware experience issues. Hard drives, for example, will eventually fail, putting some or even all of the data on your server at risk.

When something like that happens, you will need to replace the hard drives, perhaps the server. You will need to re-install the operating system and applications, reconfigure everything, and only then would you restore your files from whatever means of backup you are using, provided your backup remains secure/

This process can, unfortunately, take a long time to complete, meaning your business is not functioning to full capacity– or even at all– during this time.

A Better Solution

How much better would it be if this entire process could be shortened, from potentially a week or more, down to a couple of hours, or even minutes?

With the technology available today, recovery needn’t take a week. We can help you to create and put into effect a complete recovery program that will minimize your company’s downtime during a disaster.

Don’t let a loss of your data hurt your business. Let us help you recover in hours, not days, and rest easier knowing that even a natural disaster won’t slow you down.