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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Reserve Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Windows 10 Free UpgradeWill Windows 10 be a free upgrade? To the delight of many businesses, the answer is a resounding yes. In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft has recently announced Windows 10 will be made available as a free upgrade starting July 29, 2015. Before you make the big switch over to the latest release, however, you may be wondering how your business is going to respond to the new changes.

Windows 10 is all about making your business experience more efficient and mobile. If you need your information to be easily accessible from wherever you are, from across multiple devices, Windows 10 is exactly what you have been waiting for.

Here some key ways your business can benefit from Windows 10:

  1. Separate Work and Home
    If you bring your own device to work on a regular basis, you are probably well aware of the risks attached to using the same device for work and leisure. To help separate your work and home information, Windows 10 has a fantastic encryption feature that will automatically detect what is work-related and store it separately from your leisure data.
  2. The Return of the Start Menu
    Window 10 is bringing back the very popular Start Menu, scrapping the current full-screen Start screen. The new Start Menu will look familiar to Windows 7 users, while adding the live tiles created for Windows 8, making user interface easy again.
  3. Reduced Difficulty
    Many small business did not switch to Windows 8 because it forced employees to learn new features that took up a lot of valuable company time, and resulted in a loss of work productivity. With Windows 10, there is basically no learning curve, and that will help businesses save on training costs.
  4. Multiple Virtual Desktops
    Windows 10 will have the much anticipated multiple desktops feature, similar to the Linux operating system. Although this welcomed highlight is still relatively limited at this point, you will be able to add numerous virtual desktops quickly and easily.
  5. Comprehensive User Interface
    Windows 10’s UI is tailored for all window devices, from your PC to your tablet or smartphone. That is great news for any business looking to increase efficiency. Plus, there will now be just one universal app store, eliminating the need to download different versions of apps for different devices.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the Windows 10 free upgrade, you have until July 29, 2015 to make it happen.

Need Help Installing Windows 10?

Installing a major update like Windows 10, can quickly turn into a disaster if you don’t know what you are doing. If you’re ready to give the new operating system a try, let Safe Harbour take the hassles out of installing it yourself. We will go onsite to your business location and properly install Windows 10 to your desktop, laptop, or tablet, making the transition easy and stress-free.

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