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Why It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your Inside “IT Guy”

There used to be a time when people would go running to find the “IT Guy” whenever a problem came up. The IT person was always the one who seemed able to fix any problem that came up and would help to keep things running smoothly.

In recent years, however, there has been a growing trend of moving away from having an IT Guy and toward outsourcing IT needs, especially when it comes to small- and medium-sized businesses. The IT Guy, it seems, is no longer relevant for today’s businesses.

How does dropping the IT Guy and switching to outsourcing benefit you? In a number of ways:

Less Strain on the Budget

Outsourcing their IT gives small- and mid-sized businesses greater control over their IT budget by allowing them to pay for support only when needed, as opposed to keeping a full-time employee on payroll. This saves them the expense of a salary, benefits, and vacation time, as well as the cost of hiring and training an employee that could potentially leave the company a short time later.

Keeping Focus Where it is Needed

This is related to budget, above.

Your small- or medium-sized business will only be able to keep so many people on staff at a given time. Personnel assigned to your IT department are employees that are not available elsewhere. If you are outsourcing your IT, you will free up both time and resources that can be better spent dealing with other aspects of your business. Businesses also tend to overstaff their IT department. A good indicator that you have likely done so is if you have enough staff to readily handle every situation that comes up while easily dealing with the regular day-to-day work.

Experienced Pros to Suit Every Need

Nothing beats having someone with the experience to handle your problems quickly and efficiently. When you are relying on the IT Guy in your business, however, they may not be building up experience in a wide range of issues. This does not afford them the opportunity to grow and learn new skills or develop strategies for dealing with unusual situations. They may instead spend their time dealing with the same recurring problems over and over again.

The world of IT is constantly developing, and it is thus becoming increasingly difficult to find one person with the expertise to deal with any contingency. If you choose to outsource your IT needs, however, you will have the opportunity to work with more specialized experts who can deal with whatever issue you are experiencing. Even better, they should be able to provide you with the information you need to prevent certain issues from occurring in the first place.

Rapid Integration of New Technology

When it comes time to update systems or integrate new technology, making use of an outside firm offers you an advantage. This is because you will not need to provide training to your existing IT person (or team) who may not be familiar with the coming changes. An in-house team may take days or even weeks to get up-to-date on changes, and then plan out the best means of integration to existing systems. You may even need to hire additional staff in order to ensure that things go smoothly.

An outside firm will save you time, money and frustration by being able to step in and get it done rapidly and with minimal fuss.

Greater Security

Again, this comes down to time and experience. Even a full-time IT department can have difficulty keeping up with the growing number of threats, viruses and other issues that could put your business at stake. Outsourcing grants you greater protection from these threats by giving you access to those specialized in dealing with them. Security is an ever-growing concern, with businesses devoting more resources to protecting their assets. Hiring an experienced firm will pay for itself simply by keeping your business secure.

The fables IT Guy of yore may have been an integral part of your business at one point, but as time marches on and needs change, outsourcing your IT needs becomes the only true logical choice.

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