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Weathering the Storm of a Technology Disaster

Preventing a Technology Disaster

Preventing a Technology Disaster

After the smoke clears from a full-fledged technology disaster, will your business still be standing?

A myriad of disasters can strike a small business at any given time, from fires and flooding to hackers and sabotage. In this day and age of over-dependence on technology, losing access to critical data can be devastating. Even something as common as a computer crash can put you out of business for good if you are not prepared.

Keep Your Business Operations Running Smoothly

Did you know that only 1 in 4 companies would be sufficiently protected in the event of a technology failure? That is why having a secure disaster recovery plan in place will help keep your day-to-day operations properly functioning if the unthinkable should happen.

A rock-solid disaster recovery plan will help prevent the risk of serious financial losses, and even prevent the chance of your business closing its doors in the aftermath of a technology disaster. You will be able to restore and access your critical data quickly, keeping business procedures running smoothly, customers happy, and cash flowing.

The Fallout from Failing to Plan

How long do you think your business could stay afloat if operations were to suddenly stop? A month? A week? Whether you are a large multinational corporation or a small company, no business wants to be stuck with costly downtime. Just think about it. Misplaced orders, late invoices, and missed deliveries are just some of the very real possibilities of a technology disaster.

Focus on Critical Data

A major component of any good recovery plan is to secure your business’s critical data. Once you have figured out which data is vital to your company, back it up regularly, and make sure to store your backups off-site. Without consistent data backups, your business’s important information (not to mention countless man-hours) could be lost indefinitely. And let’s not forget the extra expense and time it will cost you to get your business up and running again.

Remember, even the best plan can fall to pieces if nobody knows how to effectively carry it out. When your backup plan is ready, make sure your team members properly execute it, as well as keep-up-to-date with all your off-site backups.

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