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Are You Spending Your IT Budget On Outdated Technology?

Spending Your IT Budget On Outdated Technology

Still on the fence when it comes to investing in new technology? You could be putting your business’ sensitive data at risk. No company wants to hear they are wasting money. But that is exactly what some companies are doing when they continue to shell out for older or outdated technology. If you want to truly protect your organization from cyber-criminals, it might be time to stop clinging to the past.

Cyber-crime on the rise

There is no getting around it, cyber-crime is here to stay. So, as a business owner, there is no doubt you’ll want to do everything in your power to protect your organization’s precious data. Keeping up with newer technology, for example, is a smart decision that will help close the door on hackers looking for an easy handout.

When it comes to preventing a data breach, giving your IT infrastructure a facelift seems like a logical solution. But with the every growing threat of cyber-crime, why are many companies still relying so heavily on outdated technology?

Old habits really do die hard  

The answer to this question is really not that hard to wrap you head around. It simply boils down to one human behaviour most of us can relate to—old habits die hard.

A reluctance to change is nothing new. If something has worked for so long, why take the time, money, and effort to switch things up? As a result, organizations keep shelling out for the same IT solutions that have proved successful in the past, erroneously thinking they will continue to be effective in the future. But taking an “if it ain’t broke don’t’ fix it” attitude is just asking for trouble.

Hackers just love your outdated technology

A business’ IT security has to evolve to meet the needs of today’s high-level attacks. Older operating systems, applications, and servers are no match for well-funded, highly sophisticated cyber-criminals. Hackers are constantly upgrading their technology and their tactics, making it only a matter of time before cyber-criminals find security holes in your aging infrastructure.

Aging technology will cost you more than just money

Loss of data, loss of productivity, loss of money, and loss of reputation—you get the picture. Failing to invest in newer technology can negatively impact your organization—a serious mistake many businesses can’t afford to make. You’ll not only put your company’s security at risk, but also lose that competitive advantage you’ve work so hard to get.

If your business is wasting some (or all) of its IT budget on outdated technology, speak with a managed service provider. They’ll analyse your current IT infrastructure and advise you on how to best allocate your security spending.

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