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Social Media Protection For Your Business

An absolute must in today’s business world, most companies understand the importance of having a strong social media presence. However, business owners need to also realize the significance of using social media sensibly in order to build their brand and increase the company’s reputation. Poor security procedures and improper social media practices can leave permanent and harmful effects to your business. So whether you are blogging, posting, sharing, or informing people about your products or services—safety and security should always be a top priority.

Here are some useful suggestions to help you take control of your social media protection space:

Implement a Social Media Policy

Proper social media policies need to be in place in order to institute appropriate online behavior. Having your employees, for example, create unique company usernames and passwords that are updated on a regular basis will help protect your network. Additionally, be specific with employees on what can or cannot be shared online with regards to any sensitive information related to the company. Getting your employees to properly execute social network privacy settings will also help shut the door on online attacks.

Keep Your Private and Business Life Separate

The days of anonymity is long gone. A simple search on Google or Facebook can be used to verify your identity, your work history, and your personal life experiences. If you use the internet to promote your business in any way, it is crucial to try and separate your personal life from your professional life. Limiting what you share online and leaving your employment status blank when creating social media profiles will help eliminate any unwanted or inappropriate information from coming back and haunting the company.

Maintain Regular Monitoring

Maintaining ongoing monitoring of your social media accounts will help ensure your employees are adhering to the policy. This doesn’t mean constantly scrutinizing everyone’s online activity, but a level of corporate control needs to be in place to avoid critical security issues. Deleting all traces of unusual activity and removing access to dangerous sites will go a long way in protecting your network from possible hacking opportunities.

Following these procedures should help protect your business from serious online threats that could jeopardize your company, leaving you wide open to a host of costly and damaging network disasters.

At Safe Harbour, we offer a broad range of flexible IT solutions for your social media needs, providing the highest level of protection for all your crucial business data.

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