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Safe Harbour Clients

Terms of Services


Safeharbour___________________________ Safe-Harbour Inc

The customer _________________________ The computer equipment owner or representative.

The Computer Equipment________________ Items subject to service in this Agreement.


Details of Service


The Customer hereby authorizes, by the signature to proceed on the other side of this document, Safe-Harbour to service and/or repair the equipment listed along with the necessary parts, software and materials.


Part Replacement


Additional Replacement part(s) will be charged at the current marketing rates unless said parts are covered under warrantee.


Terms and Conditions of Service


  1. Call Safe Harbour is not responsible for and assumes no responsibility for any damage to parts and equipment with occurs during shipment to or from the Customer Place of business
  2. Safe Harbour shall have no liability for and assumes no responsibility for personal injury or damage to property caused by the negligence of Safe Harbour or its agents, employees, directors, officers or shareholders.
  3. In no event will Safe Harbour be liable for lost profits, or for incidentals or consequential damages or for damages to software or lost data, or for related equipment arising out of or related with service.
  4. It is the customer responsibility to back up, store and maintain all software data and information inside the hard disk drive of the computers. The customer is to properly back up all data before any service is performed by Safe Harbour.
  5. By signing this agreement on the reverse the Customer acknowledges that they have received at true copy of this agreement.
  6. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of British Columbia and Canada.
  7. There will be no refund for any services that have been performed by Safe Harbour.
  8. Safe Harbour will service and repairs the customers’ computer systems to their best of their ability but can make no guarantee or undertaking to solve all problems having to do with or affecting the Customers software.
  9. The Customer is fully responsible for all software licensing of any and all software installed on their computer equipment. Safe Harbour is not responsible for the Customers Software licensing.
  10. If the customer insists on proceeding with the service despite the technicians recommendation that a certain course of actions be taken (eg. Upgrade hardware, software, modifications, Etc) before proceeding, the Customer is to initial the technician’s recommendations as acknowledging the recommendations but wishing to proceed anyway.

Breach of Agreement

In the event the customer fails to make full payment when due, the principle, interest and other monies, at the option of call Safe Harbour, shall become immediately due and payable and Safe Harbour may.

  • Withhold any the computer equipment;
  • Refuse to perform any further service obligations hereunder;
  • Commence legal proceedings to collect such money;
  • Terminate all obligations and warrantees of this agreement


Safe Harbour may assign or sub-contract some or all of the necessary work to a third party.


Notice Notification of cancellation of this agreement must be received within 24 hours in advance. Payment in full for all service is due within 5 days of billing unless otherwise noted on invoice. Any cheques returned NSF will be subject to a $50.00 Service Charge. Minimum charge for labour is 1 hour.