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3 Top Ways to Plan for Remote Data Recovery This Spring

Remote data recovery

Remote data recovery

Remote data recovery is key to ensure your organization is always open for business. Without a solid plan in place, you leave yourself wide open to a host of threats that could potentially shut you down. If you think losing data is something you can easily bounce back from, you’re fooling yourself. You will not only be faced with the fallout of lost data, but also have to deal with the consequences of downtime, bringing productivity to a screeching halt.

Hoping to make a fresh start when it comes to data protection this spring? If you want to be a successful company, you need to have a successful remote data recovery plan. Let’s take a look at some important items to help you keep your business up and running all year long.

Reducing Redundant Data

Do you have numerous copies of the same file? Data redundancy is a common occurrence for many businesses that can take up storage space and cost you money. In addition to backing up files, it is a good idea to delete duplicate files to reduce overburdening your network. Source-side backup deduplication is a great option for situations where data can be reproduced before it’s transmitted over the wire, generating a bandwidth-efficient backup.

Streamlining Your Backups

When it comes to restoring data, time is everything. The faster you get your vital data restored, the faster you can get back to work. The last thing any busy business owner wants is to be bogged down with manual backups or ineffective backup tools that can add hours to maintenance. To ensure your system is trim and running smoothly, you will want to incorporate a reliable backup and recovery solution, with the ability to automate backups quickly and effectively.

Integrating the Cloud

Looking for a quick-and-easy way to reduce your downtime while waiting for hardware replacement or repairs? The cloud offers an affordable storage solution, ideal for sharing and acquiring information. Yet many businesses still haven’t taken advantage of this handy tool. If you are not using the cloud as a part of your backup strategy, you could be missing out on an effective way to secure your company’s data.

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