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How to Protect Your Business from Hackers

protect your business from hackers

High profile hacking attacks on government agencies and big corporations are constantly in the news, making a lot of people nervous. But for the most part, these folks aren’t losing too much sleep. They have the capital and resources to afford all the latest high-tech equipment and cyber security analysts to stop (or at the very least, slow down) digital thieves from getting their hands on valuable information. Small to medium sized businesses, on the other hand, are just as reliant on the Internet for their daily operations, but without the same level of security to protect personal information, financial records, intellectual property, and other precious business data.

Here are some useful tips to beef up your business’s Internet security to help you avoid online threats, and protect your business from hackers.

Safeguard Your Passwords

Cybercriminals are continually on the lookout for data to steal—and usernames and passwords are a hacker’s doorways into a business’s digital infrastructure. Don’t create predictable passwords. Instead, set strong passwords, using multiple numbers, case-sensitive characters, and random symbols. Another important line of defense that will help protect your business from hackers is to change both your username and password at least every three months.

Encrypt Your Business Data

The consequences of lost or stolen data could be catastrophic to any business, ruining your brand’s reputation and the trust of your clients. If your business data winds up in the wrong hands, encryption is an effective security measure that scrambles and descrambles data, making it virtually impossible for anyone to read it. Having sensitive information encrypted may be costly, but it is a small price to pay to protect your your business from hackers.

Install Antivirus Software    

Why leave the door wide open for Internet thieves to infiltrate your operating system? Hackers are always upgrading their software to stay ahead of the game—you should too! Install and regularly update antivirus and anti-malware software, and add firewalls to your defenses. All too often, a surprising number of companies fail to take advantage of these basic (and sometimes free) services.

Back Up Often

Backups are your company’s failsafe plan if your data is lost or taken by criminals and hackers. Whether it’s on-site or offsite, it is vital that you have a solid backup plan in place. Restoring your system without a recent backup (or any backup for that matter) is a time-consuming process, causing production and employee downtime, resulting in a loss of revenue.

Ensuring your business data is safe and secure is not easy. To protect your business from hackers, it takes education and diligence to stay on top of cybercrime. Implementing these useful tips will help deter hackers when they come sniffing around your network.

At Safe Harbour, we will create, implement, and maintain a customized security solution for all your network infrastructure needs.

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