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Are Printers Becoming Malware Magnets?

Malware attacks have increasingly become an all too common part of the internet landscape, with hackers exploiting any and all internet-connected devices, leaving many businesses to wonder what online security threat is around the corner.

Like filthy rodents infesting your home, cyber-criminals will squirm their way into any possible points of entry, unleashing their latest malware horror. Just when you think you’ve sealed up all the cracks and crevices in your network, hackers find another gateway in. And you’ll never guess which device they are targeting next—your printer.

Don’t ignore your printer

Documents, spreadsheets, sales reports, and personal records—printers are in constant use in almost every industry, making them the perfect infiltration instrument for today’s sophisticated criminal. But when it comes to IT security, printers still get overlooked by many organizations. Why?

That unassuming “dumb” box propped up in the corner of the office might be a whole lot more dangerous than you could have ever possibly imagined. Not that long ago, most organizations really only had to worry about physical data loss. Documents left in the machine could easily and quickly be snatched up by just about any passerby. But now, with internet-connected printers, data loss prevention is going to take more than just emptying the printer—a whole lot more.

Printers are the latest gateway into your business

Unsecured printers give cyber-criminals a fast and easy path straight into your company’s network. Once they have installed malware, hackers can control your printer. They will be able to obtain sensitive and personal data, alter the printer’s settings, receive and send faxes, and launch denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, or even cause a fire through deliberate overheating.

Protect your printer now

With the exploding use of mobile technology and the increasing rates of malware infection, printer attacks are not going away anytime soon. So, the time to act is now. The longer you wait to implement proper security measures, the greater the risk to your precious data.

Whether you have one or or 100 printers, they need to be monitored and properly managed. But that is going to take time and money—resources many businesses simply don’t have.

Securing data and protecting your printer from cyber-criminals is a complex problem that requires 24/7 monitoring. Don’t leave your network open to malware infection or other harmful online attacks. Here at Safe Harbour we have the knowledge and staff to handle all your IT security needs.

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