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Petya Cyber Attack: Could Your Company Be Next?

That didn’t take long. Even before companies had a chance to deal with the aftermath of “WannaCry”—ransomware that affected 230,000 organisations in 150 countries—the world is faced with yet another global ransomware attack known as “Petya.”

What is Petya?

Wreaking havoc on computers and servers worldwide, Petya is the second major ransomware attack to rear its ugly head in as many months. This latest strain of ransomware appears to have been started through a corrupt software update, originating from the Ukraine. Petya is quickly spreading through computers and has now reached 65 countries, including Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Russia, and the United States. The virus has already wormed its way through major businesses like the advertiser WPP, the food company Mondelez, legal firm DLA Piper, and Danish shipping and transport firm Maersk—with more, almost certainly, to follow.

How does Petya work?

Petya hijacks computers using the EternalBlue vulnerability in Microsoft Windows. Once your computer is infected and the data is encrypted, you’ll receive a message demanding a $300 Bitcoin ransom for a digital key to unlock your files. If you don’t pay up, it’s a pretty safe bet your data will be lost forever.

How can I protect my systems against Petya?

As shockwaves of the latest ransomware news continue to reverberate across the globe, many businesses are up in arms, wondering what they need to do to protect themselves against Petya.

Not surprisingly, ransomware attacks like Petya are going nowhere anytime soon. In fact, cyberattacks have become so common that many companies are squirreling away Bitcoin in the event they have to pay off cyber-criminals to unlock files down the road.

With ransomware on the rise, businesses need to do more, much more than just stockpiling ransom if they ever hope to stop ransomware and protect their data. As long as companies fail to implement a proper response plan, ransomware infections are going to continue to spread, creating even greater turmoil.

Here are some preventative measures to help you stay protected:

  • Avoid opening email with PDF or Word attachments from unsolicited senders
  • Have an up-to-date anti-virus program running
  • Ensure systems have the latest patches like Microsoft’s MS17-010 bulletin
  • Back up all your essential files and keep them off-site
  • Use Sophos Endpoint Protection

Ransomware is only going to get more sophisticated and more widespread as time goes on. The longer companies wait to take action, the greater the risk they run of subjecting themselves to downtime, data loss, and intellectual property and identity theft.

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