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Are Mobile Devices Putting Your Network Security At Risk?

Network Security From Mobile Devices

Network Security From Mobile Devices

Just like your company, business networks are constantly changing and evolving. Not so long ago, your biggest concern was worrying about a desktop computer virus. These days, however, virtually every personal device—cell phones, tablets, laptops, and even smart watches—may be connected to your business network, opening the doors to a wide range of cyber threats. And because your employees can access the internet from anywhere, your network can be a prime phishing ground for online criminals waiting to get their hands on your valuable data.

Cyber Security Awareness

To avoid network security vulnerabilities and minimize risk, it is crucial that business owners try to get a handle on how employees are using their personal mobile devices when conducting business. After all, any worker can unwillingly let loose a malicious code by simply opening up the wrong email. As each new device is allowed access to your network, the risk of compromising your business’s private data greatly increases.

Business owners will need to answer three important questions in order to evaluate networks security and reduce risk:

• How are employees using mobile devices, from a business and personal standpoint?

• What policies need to be enforced for mobile device usage?

• How can the network be monitored to ensure that these policies are being properly carried out?

Employee Training

When it comes to network security, employees can be the weakest link in any organization. Users catching up online with friends and family during break time may seem harmless enough, but casual Web browsing can unleash a wide variety of serious problems, putting your business and clients at risk to cybercrime.

If you ever hope to keep your business safe from online threats, you need to first provide some training to your workers so they can protect themselves and the network. Remember, training should be done prior to a user receiving a network account, and repeatedly, with a minimum annual review and regular updates.

The key to a secure network is vigilance—attacks can happen anytime, anywhere, without any warning. That is why it is vital to remain diligent when it comes to employee mobile device usage. Providing awareness, education, and training to your workers will help keep your network safe and running smoothly at all times.

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