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Network Monitoring Best Practices for Your Business


Once upon a time, managing information overload was strictly an on-site operation. Not so anymore. With growing infrastructures and an ever-increasing remote workforce, keeping a watchful eye on your network’s performance has never been more important—and more challenging.

Routers, switches, and a myriad of components—today’s networks are complicated. Sooner or later, something WILL go wrong. And when it does, you need to be able to spot issues before they turn into serious problems.

When your business demands flawless server, workstation, and computer protection, here some network monitoring best practices.

Ongoing monitoring

You might not be working 24/7, but network monitoring sure needs to be. Even if there are no problems detected, your system must go under constant, frequent checks. Get familiar with your software dashboard to track monitoring metrics that will provide you with crucial systems overview in real-time.

Integrated options

Does your company use more than one network option? Businesses today use several different network setups from various locations. Whether it is on-site or cloud networks, make sure you monitor all your setups using an integrated interface solution.

Quick response times

Your network is the heart of your operations. So, when monitoring alerts happen, it is vital that you respond to these notifications as soon as possible. Working with an IT team will ensure notifications won’t go ignored and unresolved. They will design and implement a well-thought out response plan to maintain healthy servers and desktops.

Multiple monitoring

Are you getting the complete picture of your network? Employ a monitoring system that checks all the layers of your network. That way you will have a better understanding of possible problem sources, including server, routing, bandwidth, software, and hardware issues.

Network expansion  

As your company grows, so will your technology needs. Before you execute a network management system, factor in a system expansion forecast analysis. When additional devices and interfaces are added to your infrastructure, you will be prepared to properly monitor your evolving network.

Comprehensive solutions

The more eyes you have on your network, the better. Choose more than one monitoring solution to ensure your network is fully protected. No matter which option you are going with, IT managed services offer proactive network monitoring of your servers, workstations, remote computers, and applications.

Following network monitoring best practices will help your business run smoothly and prevent team downtime.

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