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How Managed IT Services Can Help You Stay Competitive

How Managed IT Services Can Help You Stay Competitive

Given the rapid growth of the Managed IT Services industry, you most likely have at least some passing familiarity with it. If you aren’t using Managed IT and are unsure of what it can offer you, then keep reading to learn more.

Already, the Managed IT Services industry has reached more than $180 billion US and is set to pass $280 billion by 2023. It’s not for nothing that it is growing so rapidly; businesses are becoming aware of the tremendous value that Managed IT Services can off them. This includes more than simple security, though that is a valuable part of it.

Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) also give you peace of mind by handling your infrastructure maintenance and keeping your systems up to date. In the event of an unforeseen disaster, they have backups and recovery systems that can get you up and running again in short order, saving you from potentially great financial losses, as well as loss of face with your customers. Additionally, they offer expert consulting services to help you avoid major issues to begin with.

Companies with an eye toward the future are making use of Managed IT Services to not only protect themselves, but also to stay on top of advancing technology and gain an advantage over competitors.

 Setting Goals 

Anyone with even a passing familiarity with technology is aware of the speed with which it changes and advances. While the average person at home needn’t worry too much about keeping up with the latest computer system on the market, business leaders constantly need to consider whether to maintain existing systems or move up to more advanced technology as it becomes available.

Choosing the former may be the cheaper option in some cases, but it might also result in a company lagging behind others in their industry. On the other hand, choosing the latter with the expectation of gaining speed and efficiency may not always provide the boost expected, while draining time and resources. So, what is the best option?

Managed IT Services can help you navigate these choices, implementing tools and services in a way that best serves your business. They can help you adopt new technologies where needed, allowing you to remain competitive without potentially harmful investments of precious resources.

More than Just Technological Solutions

It is tempting to think of Managed IT Services as “just” a means of dealing with technological issues such as maintaining and protecting your systems. But a truly great MSP goes beyond that by acting as a partner in the development of solutions to current problems, as well as being a proactive means of avoiding future issues.

As you consider potential MSPs, review their business insights and judgment in addition to their IT expertise. Testimonials from other customers can give you some valuable insight into an MSP’s business acumen.

A True Partner Today and Tomorrow 

Many businesses once relied entirely upon an internal IT department, but more and more are now seeing the value of Managed IT Services. That said, it’s uncommon for businesses to rely entirely upon Managed IT Services providers for all of their needs. In most cases, a business will maintain internal staff that will work alongside the MSP. This becomes a true partnership.

Companies will tend to trust tasks like email hosting (unless specific security concerns dictate otherwise), customer relationship management, security, network maintenance, backup, recovery, and more to an MSP. This becomes an ongoing relationship that strengthens and improves your internal IT.

Additionally, building a strong partnership with your Managed IT Services allows you to keep on top of ongoing advances in technology, taking some weight off of your internal staff and freeing up resources that can be put to use in other areas that can grow your business. Having a reliable partner to manage your IT concerns gives you the opportunity to focus on advancing your goals and staying ahead of your competition.

If you are not currently making use of a Managed IT Services provider, now is the time to start giving yourself an advantage. If not, you are giving it to your competitors.

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