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It’s past time for Business to consider Cyber Security.

Is your Organization at Risk?

Safe Harbour’s “Beacon” Managed Security delivers Advanced Threat Detection and Response in real-time, not just alerts. Our goal is to minimize any impact on business operations and reduce your overall risk.

The Challenge

Securing Data from threats not only from the internet but internally is a complex problem requiring expert knowledge to implement followed by 24/7 monitoring. Many Companies simply do not have the internal IT staff or expertise required to accomplish the task. Continued vigilance is required since damaging threats are being produced at alarming rates.

The Solution

Safe Harbour’s Managed Security Services applies an easy to deploy hardware and Software solution under the management of our in-house security specialists. The service offers your company an enterprise level of protection for your valuable and mission critical data. Our comprehensive security solution is essential to minimize the impact of modern security threats, and mitigate security risks at an acceptable cost.

  • Addresses Modern Cyber-security challenges
  • Real Time threat hunting with incident response support not just alerts
  • Discovers and addresses malicious footholds that slip past traditional Anti-malware Defenses
  • Cloud-based security analytics application
  • Investigates and responds to threats across your endpoints
  • 24/7 Security Alerts with remediation instructions and support
  • Quickly discovers new and existing footholds regardless of the infection vector
  • Firewall Management and Maintenance

Why Safe Harbour?

Safe Harbour has bundled industry standard solutions into an inexpensive package costing thousands less than competing services. Our In-House security specialists have years of experience.

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