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How to Reduce Your Digital Footprint to Fight Email Phishing

Email Phishing

In today’s digital age, email phishing is a major concern that businesses can’t afford to ignore. And as more and more business is conducted online, many companies are just one click away from having sensitive information compromised. While the obvious solution is to have an online privacy strategy in place, it is simply not a sustainable one. Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing areas of crime. Plus, the increasing sophistication of online hackers makes it almost impossible for businesses to completely plug the gaps and stop phishing attacks.

For most business owners, protecting the security and privacy of sensitive information should be on the top of their priority list. Fortunately, there are a wide range of technical options available to help you combat email phishing. But did you know there are some simple steps you can take right now to help safeguard your business from phishing? Minimizing your digital footprint by keeping your Internet domains and company email addresses in check can play a massive role in strengthening your online security.

Are unsolicited emails getting through?

Whether it’s through mergers or overall business growth, there is a strong likelihood that your company has amassed a large number of Internet domains that are still receiving emails. Although some of the emails may be authentic, the majority of them, however, are undoubtedly spam or hackers trying to get their hands on your data. Moreover, your company may be home to several email accounts from previous employees. No matter how strong your online security might be, there is a very good change that unsolicited email is still slipping through the cracks.

Get rid of old Internet domains

So now what? Easy—create a clean-up project to remove all the outdated Internet domains that are tied to your company. Putting an inventory plan in motion will allow you to easily asses which Internet domains and email accounts are valid and which ones are no longer in use. This will go a long way in preventing cybercriminals from sniffing out your digital footprints, and reducing the possibility of dangerous online attacks against your business.

When it comes to fighting email phishing, businesses need to remain as diligent as possible, doing whatever it takes to lower your risk. Whether you work at a huge multinational corporation or a small nonprofit organization, staying on top of your Internet domains will help reduce your digital footprint, and keep the plethora of online predators at bay.

Here at Safe Harbour, protecting your business from dangerous digital disasters is our top priority. We provide high quality email security, helping you guard against spam, viruses, phishing schemes, hacking attacks, and a host of other harmful online threats.

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