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How to Keep Your Customers By Using Email Marketing

Congratulations! You’ve gone to great lengths getting your products and services out to potential clients. You’ve sealed the deal, and now it’s finally paying off with new customers!

Before you begin your next promotional blitz in the hopes of attracting more, however, you’ll want to secure repeat business from the clients you’ve worked so hard to get. Why not? They’re already familiar with your brand, satisfied with what you’ve been offering, and are more than likely willing to purchase from you again.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to reach out to your existing customers, revealing email marketing news might provide the solution you’ve been searching for.

Here are some key email marketing optimization tips to help you keep your customers:

Rewards Programs

Creating a rewards program is one of the easiest email marketing strategies to implement. For example, you could offer a “buy one, get one free” promotion or consider offering a 10% discount to encourage customers to continue using your services. Point systems, tier rewards, and exclusive promotions are all effective programs you can use to let your customers know they are getting extra value—with the added bonus of making them feel special.

Promotional Codes

Offer a promotional code to your customers that provides them a special discount or giveaway with a future purchase. Send the code via email, thanking them for their business. To help track the progress of the codes you send out, it’s a good idea to add an expiration date to verify if your customers have taken advantage of them or not. Promotional codes are a great way to show your appreciation and re-engage your customers’ interests in your products and services.

Birthday Freebies

Who doesn’t like to receive gifts on their birthday? Sending birthday freebies to your customers adds a personal touch that they will appreciate. Also, including an expiration date will help you confirm if they have claimed it.


Organizing a promotional contest is an effective strategy to interact with your customers and get them excited about your brand. Plus, hosting a contest provides the ideal opportunity to get more detailed information about your customers that can be used for future email marketing campaigns.

These are just some of the email marketing strategies you can use to create customer loyalty as you continue to build your business.

The Ultimate Email Continuity Service

Email marketing is a great tool to help retain your customers. The last thing you want to worry about is email failure during planned or unplanned outages. What’s more, viruses, phishing schemes, and other online threats can seriously jeopardize your promotional campaigns, leading to unnecessary and costly downtime.

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