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How a WiFi Hotspot Can Benefit Your Business

WiFi Hotspot

WiFi Hotspot

In today’s world, it’s all about 24/7 connectivity. With so many locations offering wireless Internet access, free public WiFi has become a service many can’t go without. For business owners wanting to attract new customers, provide better service, and keep consumers in their establishments longer, providing a free WiFi Hotspot will help you capitalize on this every-growing trend.

Here are 5 reasons your business should offer free WiFi to your customers.

Attract new customers

Whether your own a restaurant, café, pub, or shop, free WiFi is vital for any business owner interested in attracting new customers. A dead signal is simply not acceptable for today’s consumers. People want to be able to sit in a café and talk with clients, access their email, and keep in touch with friends and family. If you don’t have a WiFi connection, you could be losing potential customers to businesses that do.

Keep customers in your business longer

You’ve managed to get people through your door—so now what? One of the biggest selling points of offering a free WiFi connection to patrons is increased time spent in your business. Continuous connectivity is a huge incentive that will help keep people in your store or café longer. And shouldn’t that be the goal of any business? After all, the longer customers stay, the more products and services they are likely to buy.

Meet the demand

Consumers are not only getting used to free WiFi, they are expecting it. Can you blame them? WiFi connections are currently offered on public and private transport, in airports, libraries, hotels, and even churches. And if customers can’t access the Internet in your establishment, it won’t be long before they’re heading for the exit. Businesses need to take advantage of this trend. Providing continuous connectivity in today’s competitive environment isn’t just smart, it’s a must.

Separate your business from competitors

Price, quality, and customer service is what used to separate you from your competitors. But in this digital world, it’s simply not enough. Devices like smartphones and tablets have driven business owners to rethink their marketing strategies. Don’t get left behind. Offering continuous connectively to your customers will help give you the advantage over your competitors that don’t provide free WiFi.

Get to know your customers

Looking for a quick and easy way to know your customers? A WiFi Hotspot option will allow you to track and collect valuable customer data. Profiles, visiting frequency, and other social information will be extremely useful in improving operations and boosting customers’ satisfaction.

The landscape of business is rapidly changing. Today, free WiFi is an amenity your customers count on, from working on important business proposals to catching up with friends and family. At Safe Harbour, we can help you take advantage of this growing trend by setting up your WiFi Hotspot.

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