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Signs Your Hard Drive is About to Crash

Hard Drive Failure

Hard Drive Failure

For many, the question isn’t if, but when your computer hard drive is going to fail. Electronic storage devices, including computer hard drives, have a very limited lifespan—typically lasting around 5 to 10 years (and much less for laptop hard drives). With more and more small and medium-sized businesses relying on computers, ignoring the warning signs of a hard drive melt down is a risk many can’t afford to take.

From personal details and financial records to customer data and other crucial information, the contents of a business hard drive is priceless. If you haven’t learned to recognize the warning signs of a hard drive failure, you could be facing a real disaster. The last thing anyone wants to do sit in shock, staring in horror at the “blue screen of death” only to realize you neglected to back up critical company files. Thankfully, if you know what to look for, there are some common clues that your hard drive is failing, helping you prepare for the worst.

Slow Access Times

First if all, there are a wide range of reasons for a computer to slow down. Viruses, too many startup programs, fragmented hard drive, and hardware issues are just some of the millions of different things that can lead to a sluggish computer. A fresh installation of Windows should help clear up these problems. If, however, your computer is still slow and unresponsive after a clean reinstall, there is a strong chance that it is the result of a failing hard drive.

Corrupted Data

Files not opening or suddenly disappearing? If this is beginning to happen to you, it’s time to worry. Data corruption can happen for a host of reasons, but it is also a warning sign of hard drive failure. So, backup what you can and replace your old hard drive as soon as possible.

Bad Sectors

Another clear sign of approaching hard drive failure are bad sectors. These are areas of the hard drive that are defective, and won’t respond to read or write requests. A bad sector on a hard drive can occur for several reasons, including physical damage, shocks, excessive heat, or everyday use.

Unusual Sounds

Hearing strange noises coming from inside your computer? Those screeching, grinding, or high-pitched whining sounds is your hard drive trying to tell you it’s on the way out. If your computer is making unusual sounds, you are going to need to act fast—time is running out.

If you’re worried about the health of your hard drive and afraid of losing critical business data, it’s time to consider implementing a fool proof backup plan. Why take unnecessary risks with your precious information? Keep it securely backed up at all times with Safe Harbour.

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