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Is Everything Backed Up? – Benefits to Having Remote Backups

remote backups

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are requiring employees to work from home. But as the remote workforce trend continues to surge upward, it is vital that companies have a comprehensive backup plan to mitigate new security risks. Are you worried about data loss or damage during this trying time? Read on to learn the benefits of having remote backups.

Automate backups  

Did you forget to backup your data? With so much to plan and prepare for during this crisis, it can be easy to let regular backups slip through the cracks. With an off-site solution in place, you’ll never have to worry about missed backups again. By working with IT professionals, they will take the responsibility off the shoulders of your employees by designing a customized remote backup schedule that will not interfere with your operations.

Boost reliability

Cyber attacks, security breaches, natural disasters, or human error—data loss and damage can happen from a variety of sources. Remote backups will not only allow businesses to recover data faster, but also retrieve it from multiple locations or devices. So, if one server crashes or a device is lost or stolen, backups will still occur without interruption.

Reduce workload 

Looking for a way to cut down on one of your more tedious tasks?  Off-site backups can go a long way to lowering a business’ unwanted workload. Because remote backups are automatic, employees can remain productive without the hassles of manually storing data.

Prevent problems

With remote backup and monitoring, you will be able to identify and fix problems before your remote workers are affected. If a problem occurs, the remote system will send alerts to your employees via email or SMS, notifying them of complications like security holes in a network, server space concerns, hacker activity, viruses, and data leakage.

Cut costs

Maintaining on-site storage capabilities can be expensive. During this difficult time when so many businesses are suffering financial hardships, business owners need to cut corners wherever they can. With remote backup solutions, you won’t have to purchase and maintain costly hardware like server racks. For an affordable monthly fee, you can have an unlimited amount of backup space, saving you time and money.

Managing a remote workforce is challenging enough without having to add routine manual backups into the fold. To help protect your sensitive data, remote backup solutions will help ensure your business is up and running from any location.

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