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How Effective Managed IT Services Make All the Difference

Managed IT Services

While some companies choose to handle their IT needs by maintaining an in-house IT department, many others are seeing the advantage of hiring a managed IT service. A managed service is a third party that handles everything related to managing your IT. Unlike many traditional third-party services, managed IT services are provided at a set cost, rather than charging an hourly rate. This cost is typically a monthly or annual fee.

If you are unsure of whether managed IT services are right for you, here are some reasons to consider:

Maximized Efficiency and Performance

Your managed IT service provider will be highly motivated to do the best possible job for a variety of reasons. Given that they are not paid hourly, it is in their best interest to see to your IT needs in the most efficient manner possible. Failing to do so results in their effective hourly rate dropping, as they spend more time and manpower to deal with your issues.

In addition, if they fail to meet the standards of the SLA (Service Level Agreement), they may face penalties, or even the termination of the contract. This ensures that they will be giving you their best effort.

Proactive, not Reactive

When you are dealing with IT services that are paid by the hour, they will be providing reactive services. This means that you will contact them as problems arise, at which time they will act to resolve it.

Managed IT services, on the other hand, are working for you even when no problems exist. This means that they will be working proactively, preventing issues from arising rather than just dealing with them as they come up. The result? Your business avoids problems that might otherwise have a significant impact. Your day-to-day operations will run smoothly, and you can feel more secure.

Simple Accounting

When taking a more reactive approach, you may find your costs to be extremely unpredictable. You may have a relatively quiet month followed by one that requires extensive support, and then another quiet one. With managed IT services, your monthly expenses will not vary.

In addition to predictable monthly payments, you will also likely save a considerable amount of money by not having to maintain an in-house team. This will save you a great deal on things like recruiting, ongoing training, and benefits.

Simplified Project Management

When it comes time to roll out new technology or update your existing system, it can require a commitment of time and resources. Dealing with a third party that is not completely familiar with your systems and the way your business functions can make things even more complicated.

Managed IT services will already be familiar with all necessary aspects of your company due to their continuous and ongoing support. Accordingly, they will be in an excellent position to implement new systems and oversee training and post-launch assistance.

A Stable of Experts

Your business can spend a small fortune trying to find and recruit team members with the kind of experience you will find in managed service providers. In fact, with a top IT firm, you will have access to experts that you would otherwise find highly inaccessible. These experts will be able to help you with all your IT needs.

While there are a host of different options available for you to handle your IT needs, managed IT services carries a number of advantages.

If you would like to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and have a team of highly trained and motivated experts working for you, then managed IT services should definitely be your choice.