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Data Backup Recovery

Prevent disaster before it happens with Safe Harbour’s Safe-T-Locker!

Your business may not be a giant-sized organization. At least not yet. But the information on your computers is every bit as important to you as companies many times your size. And like them, if you lose it, you could be out of business.

Safe-T-Locker our Backup and Recovery Solution is Enterprise grade to keep you from losing sleep and at a price that small and midsized companies can afford.

Business Continuity Your Server has failed your employees are no longer productive, every minute is costing, now what? With our Virtual Disaster Recovery feature we can automate restores quickly and reliably in the cloud or to an on premise virtual machine. Reducing your downtime while waiting for hardware replacement or repairs.

Central Monitoring No time to watch your backups? Not unusual not many business owners do. Your data is likley one of if not the most important asset you own. Without it at minimum administration cannot function. For most this means no billing, no orders, and no communication. Our Central Monitoring is is part and parcel with our offsite backup solutions for your business. This means we watch it for you.

Recovery When it comes to restoring data, time is everything. The quicker you get your critical data restored, the quicker you are back to work. Safe-T-Locker’s answer to speed is DEDUPLICATION. Safe-T-Locker’s deduplication works both ways, during backup and restore. Working only at the block level stopping the backup of identical data already transfered and stored. In other words, you only transfer the blocks that have changed, a vastly smaller amount of data.

Virtual Drive allows users With permision to easily and securely browse the backed up data using Windows Explorer. THis is one step further than the competition by allowing simple access to restore you can be sure your critical data is secure. Additionally end users can get their own files back without intervention from IT staff.

Replicated Backup Top storage experts believe the right way to do backup is disk-to-disk-to-cloud (D2D2C). D2D2C is built right into our Safe-T-Locker solution backing up your data to a local disk and replicating to our cloud store. In the event of a recovery, Safe-T-Locker will figure out the best place to restore data from, whether from the cloud store or locally over the LAN.

Cross Platform Safe-T-Locker seamlessly integrates with Windows, Linux, and Mac Operating Systems. This makes for a single solution for all your needs.

Enterprise Full support for Microsoft Exchange, MSSQL, Sharepoint, Oracle, and MySQL.

Virtual Enviroments/Data Center Automated Backup and Replication of your Vmware or Hyper-V enviroments in a single solution.

Bare Metal Recovery similar and disimilar options P2V P2P V2V V2P

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