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How comfortable are you are you with your organization’s ability to detect and respond to an incident before assets are compromised?

In today’s threat landscape, it is well known that competent cyber criminals can and will break into your data assets. And they will attack Relentlessly if there is profit to be made. There are many roads to your data and an advanced attack will keep trying them all until they succeed. Once we accept this fact, the focus changes to where it needs to be: Detection. . Securing your Data from a Breach is not one single act or product, it is a series of actions and procedures that must take place combined with a well timed response in order to reduce or completely eradicate damages.

“Cyber attacks are getting harder to spot and the stats are indicative of This with the average time taken to detect an foothold is 205 days according to a report from FireEye.”

Who wants your data?

Four BAD GUYS  are your business primary threats; cyber-crime, espionage, hacktivism, And internal Staff.  Let me explain.The cyber-criminals are responsible for most identity thefts you read about in the news. Identity theft, Credit card theft, email compromise, and healthcare information sifting.

Here are just a few examples of these

1) Financially Motivated Attacks.They are hitting small businesses in our city every day. RANSOMWARE is one more common example. If you were to be attacked by ransomware today, would you pay the ransom? And if you did pay, what guarantees would you have???? Will the perpetrator make good on their promise and decrypt your data???? And what’s to stop these thieves from coming back for more money in a second attack?

2) Hacktivists Will Shut You Down  Hacktivism presents another GRAVE DANGER. The results were disastrous. Confidential emails revealed ugly brand-damaging Ruining Companies reputations. Company stock prices collapsed and the financial outlook of their production can be devastated! Were powerless to stop these attacks. When you’re attacked it’s up to you to find a way to survive.  Both defense and recovery are yours alone to figure out. In every instance, the results have been hard-hitting. Make no mistake, hacktivist groups wield tremendous power, often announcing the attack beforehand and bringing devastation regardless of the target-company’s preparedness.

3)Nation-State Sponsored Attacks Seek Innovation at Your Expense.  Read the news and you’ll see daily occurrences of espionage originating from China, Russia, and more recently Germany. “Responsible intelligence gathering.” In other words, every government with the capability to spy online is increasingly doing so.

4)The Unsuspected Fourth Cyber criminal – Who is He???? It can be your internal people. A recent Wall Street Journal study revealed over 75% of employees steal from the companies they work for. In other words, your employees are most likely stealing from you. If an employee is looking for a better opportunity (or gets terminated for any reason)it is highly likely they will want to take data with them.  It is important to understand, desperate people steal.