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Cyber Security Tips for Employees Working from Home

working from home

Flexible scheduling and work-from-home opportunities are increasingly attractive options to many employees. But the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lock-down has thrust the entire workforce into a remote working reality—and unfamiliar territory.

With a larger number of the workforce working from home, it is important, now more than ever, to ensure your business data is protected from cybercrime.

At Safe Harbour, we know how critical staying safe and productive during these unprecedented times are. That is why we have put together these security tips for remote working.

Protect your devices

When it comes to working from home, keeping your work devices physically safe is crucial. So, whenever you leave home, make sure to shut down and lock your devices. When you are done working for the day, put your work laptops, tablets, and mobile phones in a safe, secure place to prevent accidental or unauthorized access.

Use antivirus protection

Companies use a variety of powerful security solutions to protect data from malware, from installing applications to curbing online access from unauthorized users. You may not be able to provide the same level of protection at home, but you can help keep company data safe by installing reliable antivirus options.

Encrypt data 

Encryption is a powerful tool to protect company data. If your laptop is stolen or compromised, hackers will have a difficult time trying to access and read files. If you are unsure how to apply data encryption to your work devices, contact one of our managed IT service providers at Safe Harbour.

Update applications and operating systems

New vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered in programs and operating systems—and hackers won’t think twice about exploiting them to get to your data. To take advantage of the latest patches, update programs and operating systems as soon as they become available.

Change your router login and password

Can’t remember when (or if) you changed your router login and password information? The default passwords on many router models are easily tracible, putting you and your business data at risk from hackers. Regularly replace your router username and password to prevent spying and other malicious cyber activity.

Use a virtual private network

Using any public or unsecured internet connection can open the door to virtual attacks. If you are working from your family or neighbour’s location, use a VPN. Your data will be encrypted, and cybercriminals won’t be able to access it.

Following the above tips will help you and your business stay protected while working from home.

Looking for ways to stay safe when you are remote working? Reach out to Safe Harbour for all your managed IT service needs.