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What Are the Most Common Reasons for Outsourcing IT?

Common Reasons for Outsourcing IT

Every business wants to become more efficient while also cutting costs. But what happens when corners are cut on something that is vital to your success?

IT is a critical part of your business, so it stands to reason that out-of-date software and security would lead to any number of problems such as outages or crashes, frustrated staff, and upset customers. You might even fall prey to a cyber-attack. If you find yourself wondering just how serious this can be, consider the fact that 60% of small businesses close within the first 6 months following a cyber-attack.

Cutting costs when it comes to IT can be a tricky proposition, but there is a solution: Managed IT.

If your business is unable to support a dedicated IT department, or already has a small IT staff that just can’t keep up with advances in technology and cybersecurity, then Managed IT can be an excellent tool.

What to Do If You Cannot Afford a Full-Time IT Staff

Perhaps your business is doing quite well– even well enough to grow and expand—but an in-house IT staff is a little out of reach. An outsourced Managed IT solution could be just what you need, providing you with Hardware as a Service (HaaS), desktop and server support, firewall services, and hardware.

Making use of a vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) gives you ongoing assistance and technology planning. The vCIO can help small and medium businesses analyze existing IT environments and develop and IT strategy to reach your business goals.

Save Time on Your IT Troubles

It’s not uncommon these days to find staff members wearing several hats, juggling multiple diverse responsibilities. Unfortunately, that ultimately detracts from their ability to accomplish the tasks for which they were originally hired, especially if they are constantly engaged with IT emergencies.

When your business hires a Managed IT service provider, they will take over the management of your servers and workstations. They will also automate the updating and patching of your software, and technical issues can be resolved quickly and easily by calling support.

Your Budget Isn’t Growing in Pace with Your Business

There may come a time where you find your business growing faster than your budget. This can leave you suffering from outdated software that can lead to poor user experience, frustrated customers, and overwhelmed staff. It may become difficult to adopt new technologies and integrate them with existing systems.

Outsourcing your IT can provide you with customized solutions that can keep you up-to-date, able to adopt new software solutions without difficulty, and all at a price you can afford.

Is Your Technology Out of Date?

Are you using noisy old printers and outdated software? Do you need to modernize your equipment?

Bringing your old systems up to the modern age can be a painful process, but a Managed IT service can get it done for you quickly and efficiently, allowing you to offer better service to your customers, reduce your downtime, and improve overall satisfaction among your employees.

A Question of Security

Unfortunately, businesses today must constantly be vigilant against the threat of cyber-attack.  Hackers might capture and corrupt your data, holding it hostage until you agree to pay a ransom.

Having a Managed IT services provider on your side can mean having your data restored and your company back in business in very short order.

Your company’s IT strategy is about much more than simply being cost-effective. If your business cannot provide first-class IT services in today’s digital world, you are putting yourself at risk of failure financially and in the eyes of your customers. With our Managed IT solutions, however, anyone can have the latest technology and IT expertise at their fingertips.