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Common IT Issues Businesses Face Today

Technology plays an enormous role in today’s business world. It is virtually impossible to find any industry that is not heavily influenced by it. And as technology continues to quickly evolve and expand into almost every facet of the work place, it is increasingly necessary to get a handle on IT issues before they spiral out of control, causing major headaches for business owners. Here are some common IT issues that many businesses may be faced with.

Inadequate System Backup Procedures

By now, most businesses recognize the importance of regular system backups. Failure to have a properly scheduled backup strategy in place be can be a costly—and all too often preventable—mistake. Whether it is caused by a backup failure, human error, or budget restrictions, poor backup procedures can result in critical data loss, resulting in a potential disaster for many companies.

Failure to Regularly Update Passwords

With the constant and growing threat of hacker activity, regularly changing passwords and using more complex passwords are two extremely important practices for companies. Using weak or unchanged passwords can compromise your system, leaving the door wide open to hackers, creating nightmares for any business.

Slow Network and Internet Connection

Slow network and internet connection is a common modern day concern that regularly presents itself to most businesses. Spyware and viruses are normally the two major contributors to sluggish internet service, and these issues need to be address sooner than later. Slow-moving internet and other programs that cause long wait times can dramatically hijack business productivity and lead to downtime—a serious problem that can translate into frustrated employees, dissatisfied customers, and potential lost business.

Maintaining IT Hardware

Staying on top of information technology hardware can be demanding and expensive. In addition to overestimating the lifespan of technology, many businesses are not aware of the proper equipment needed to optimize operations. Before you know it, upgrades need to implemented, servers become less efficient or outdated, and PCs have to be replaced or repaired.

Technology issues are an inevitability that most businesses are going to have to deal with eventually. Properly handling these serious problems can be a complex process, requiring the help of a trusted IT managed service.

Here at Safe Harbour, we can help protect your business from these common problems by offering a broad range of flexible IT solutions that can be tailored to your needs.

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