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Why Cloud Scalability Matters

Cloud Scalability

How much digital data have we created?

It’s hard to determine exactly, but when asked, most of us understand that it is a large amount.  But just how large? Current estimates are in the range of 40 ZB (that’s zettabytes). If that still seems a bit unclear, that would be 40,000,000,000,000 GB. That would give about 5,200 GB to every individual on Earth, and as impressive as that number is, it’s only going to get bigger.

An organization’s data is extremely important, but how will they continue to manage it as their needs grow? Financial and medical services must address this concern, but if your business needs a way to keep up with your data, then the cloud is likely to be the answer.

Here are some of the ways that businesses are struggling, and how the cloud can help.

Greater Flexibility

Many of us have experienced issues with the performance of our computers when resources are low. They can range from the system slowing down to potentially even being locked out of certain applications. Investing in new or more hardware is not likely to improve the situation and may end up being a waste of resources if demand tapers off.

Among the many benefits offered by the cloud is its ability to scale to meet your needs. In simple terms, the cloud can accommodate your growth or scale back if necessary, always offering you precisely what you need at any given time.

Exponential Growth is Possible

Many corporations are experiencing exponential growth, which is a term that is frequently misunderstood. Often, we are accustomed to linear growth, which is an increase at a steady rate. Exponential growth means that the rate of growth increases over time. A well-known example of exponential growth is the question of whether it is better to receive a million dollars all at once, or a penny that doubles every day for a month. Many would quickly respond that one million is better, but if choosing the penny that doubles each day, then a month of 30 days would grant over 5 million dollars.

With that sort of explosive growth, a linear solution will not suffice. It is for that reason that buying new hardware might work briefly but will very quickly experience the same issues as the previous equipment.

Cloud providers scale with demand, meaning that even with exponential growth, the cloud has you covered.

The Cloud is Reliable

More than reliable, really, the cloud is practically unassailable. It’s sheer size and complexity makes it incredibly secure. Cloud service providers are often secured in military-grade facilities that are widely distributed for security. They possess backup equipment and their own generators, meaning that very little can be done to take them offline. And even if this does happen, your data is still almost certain to remain available and secure.

The cloud offers such speed and efficiency that tasks such as opening a new branch or starting a new project can be accomplished in a fraction of the time that it used to take, often turning days into hours.

As we move into a future increasingly dominated by data and the need to maintain it, the cloud becomes an ever-more logical choice for your business.