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The Dangers to Business Security When Using Personal Devices

Business Security

Business Security

It’s a disturbing reality—we live in a world surrounded by risk. And because of that, the decisions we make are largely determined by the degree of dangers we are faced with at any given moment. For instance, you might think twice about taking money out of an ATM during the night versus using one in the middle of the day. But if you had to, you would more than likely take all the necessary precautions (going with someone, using a machine in a well-lit area, etc.) to ensure the safest possible outcome. At the end of the day, it all really boils down to common sense.

That being said, many business owners surprisingly seem to let that basic principle of common sense fall by the wayside when it comes to business security. Part of the problem is that many people have a tendency to neglect the security of their business when they use their personal electronic devices like cell phones and laptops.

Personal risk is also business risk

Because of the leaps and bounds in technology progress, we also live in a world surrounded by endless possibilities. With nothing more than a smartphone and Wi-Fi connection, you can run your entire business operation in the comfort of your favourite neighborhood coffee shop.

Sounds great we know, but what would happen if you lost your phone? Or worse yet, you take your eyes off your cell for a second, and in an instant, it’s gone. You will not only have to deal with the fact that your smartphone is stolen, but also lose countless hours of sleep knowing that all your business information is out in the open.

These days, our personal cell phones and laptops often serve as our business devices as well. It makes sense because, naturally, you are going to do everything in your power to cut back on expenses. That’s why many business owners also allow their employees to bring their own devices to work. Why not? Most everyone has a laptop or tablet they are already comfortable working on. Plus, you can save tons by not having to shell out for company devices. But keep in mind, every smartphone, tablet, and laptop that is connected to your network is a potential security risk just waiting to happen.

The need to take a more proactive approach   

As a business owner, you’ve undoubtedly got your hands full. And sometimes, it is easy to overlook business security when you are forced to wear many hats. However, if your network falls victim to a cyber-attack or your business data is lost, you’ll kick yourself wondering why you didn’t take a more proactive approach.

You and your employees need to recognize that all the great benefits we get to experience in the digital age can come with a serious cost—one your business may never be able to afford if you are not careful.

Once you begin to understand that personal security and business security go hand in hand, you’ll be able to minimize the consequences that could permanently cripple your business.

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