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5 Affordable IT Strategies Every Small Business Needs

IT Strategies

If your small business is like 80% of others, then you are not taking proper advantage of the digital tools available to you. This may be because you view those tools as being something used by larger enterprises, and beyond your ability to use or afford.

Unfortunately, that perception is costing you; the companies that do make use of these tools sell more. So, what can you do to remain competitive without going drastically over budget?

Keep reading for 5 affordable IT strategies for your small business.

Prioritize Cyber Security 

Small business owners cannot afford to overlook cyber security. In fact, it should top your list of priorities.

Today, data breaches and ransomware attacks are all too common, and yet only 68% of small and mid-sized businesses are protecting themselves adequately. Unfortunately, many of the businesses operate under the mistaken belief that they are to small to be tempting targets, which is precisely the reason why they are vulnerable; hackers know that they are easy targets. Stealing their data requires minimal effort from hackers, who can then sell it.

Protecting yourself is not only easy, but more affordable than you think. Putting proper security measures in place and educating your employees isn’t just a recommendation, it’s a must.

Look to the Cloud 

While most businesses are already making use of online platforms, quite a few are still using on-site servers to store their data. Moving to the cloud, however, can help you cut costs and protect your data. With the cloud, you will also save time by not having to perform manual backups, or maintenance on the equipment.

Cloud storage can scale with your business, and you won’t have to worry about constantly updating, as the updates are handled automatically for you. Your data will be backed up continually, allowing you to retrieve it quickly and easily in the event of cyberattack, or any other disaster.

Make Use of a vCIO 

If your small business cannot afford a Chief Information Officer (CIO), you are not alone, but you still need someone to keep you up to date with emerging trends and cyber threats. This is where a vCIO comes in.

A vCIO will hep you develop your IT strategy and can provide many of the advantages of a full-time CIO, but at a much lower price. They typically have a dedicated team working with them, and offer remote monitoring of your systems, as well as 24-hour phone support.

A vCIO is one of the most cost-effective means available to you for handling your IT needs.

Investing in the Right Tools 

Even though it is often recommended to upgrade your computers every two or three years, many businesses choose to keep their systems longer than that. As the systems age, they become more prone to issues with upgrades and security patches. While allowing your system to become obsolete is far from desirable, some businesses simply cannot keep up with the pace at which technology advances.

Rather than buying new equipment on a regular basis, consider leasing. This allows you to keep up to date with the latest technology without breaking the bank. You can also explore leasing other equipment, beyond your IT needs; phones, surveillance equipment, and more can also be leased.

Managed Print Solutions 

Don’t forget about your printers!

It can be easy to overlook printers and copiers, but they are also a part of your computer network, and you should give them the same attention as your other devices. Some experts have gone so far as to say that your printers could pose a serious security risk to your business if not attended to.

Look after these devices with a managed print service that will preform proactive maintenance and put the necessary protocols into place to improve your print security.

Don’t give in to the belief that your business is too small to afford or require these IT strategies. Not only can you afford them, you require them.